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Gateway Oman Accounting Services in Oman is to deal with fundamental financial duties. Accounting firms in Oman takes the responsibility of keeping the records of all the transactions made within a firm.

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Bookkeeping services is the process of keeping records of financial transactions and preparing financial statements, like Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c. With the introduction of various laws, maintaining the books of accounts has become a mandatory compliance requirement, apart from tracking the receivables and payable accounts.

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Our VAT audit services in Oman will result in a thorough and critical examination of the entity’s VAT accounting and VAT return filing. All businesses registered under VAT must be ready for the VAT audit. VAT audit will verify the liability of VAT through examining the accounting and bookkeeping records and VAT return filings which are maintained by the taxpayer. 

We have started to see that the Tax Authorities take an increasing level of interest in carrying out audits and visits on companies, and many have found that simple systems or processing errors have led to penalties being applied and assessments being raised for mistakes that could easily have been avoided.

VAT Audit Procedure

A VAT audit is essentially the government’s examination of a company’s taxable entity duty. The Tax Authority conducts this type of audit to guarantee that all liabilities are fulfilled and all taxes due are collected and remitted to the government within the period specified.

We have designed an approach and methodology to review for post-implementation compliance so that these errors and issues can be identified and fixed. If you have not so far considered a review following the implementation of VAT, we strongly advise carrying out such an exercise to check and validate your compliance.

Documents required for VAT Audit

  • All receipted tax credit notes and documentations
  • All tax invoices and documentation that have been issued.
  • Records of purchases of goods and services for which the input tax was not deducted.
  • Export records of goods and services.
  • Accounts or tax invoices that have had modifications or corrections made to them.
  • Details of imported goods, as well as customs declarations and invoices from suppliers
  • All supplies and imports must be documented.
  • Tax invoices and other papers pertaining to the receipt of goods and services

Elements covered during VAT Audit 

During a VAT audit in the Oman taxable enterprises must comprehend the primary components that go unnoticed by the Tax Authorities. The below-mentioned points consist of items that are examined during an audit

  • Evaluation of VAT Returns
  • Evaluation of Input Tax
  • Evaluation of Output Taxes
  • Accounting System & Software

VAT Audit Services by Gateway Oman

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We are covering all the subjects related to VAT. We are providing the best VAT services and helping businesses to avoid VAT fines and penalties by guiding them in the right direction. Our VAT services consists of VAT registration, VAT return filing, VAT accounting, VAT audit, VAT refund and VAT Deregistration. We have professional and highly experienced VAT auditors who ensure VAT compliance by providing best VAT audit services.

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